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Tasting tequila is like capturing a snapshot of a place and a moment in time. At La Cata, our curated choices of tequila will help you distinguish how the unique terroir of different growing regions brings out distinct flavors. You will discern the subtle differences between agave grown in the Highlands versus those grown in the Valley. Or, the variances between aging in new oak versus aging in used whiskey barrels. And, you will identify the flavor of fresh agave at the core of a new blanco. At La Cata, we’ve hand selected a wide array of flavors and aromas to create an experience like no other for the first-time taster or the tequila aficionado.


We’re all here for one reason: to share the love of tequila. 


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Our Tequila Menu

La Cata’s tasting room houses a library of familiar and rare tequilas, mezcals, and sotols. Our tasting flights are structured around three or more spirits designed to enable you to make comparisons based on production method, region, producer, or any number of other factors. Enjoy a vertical, horizontal, or mixed flight with the assistance and advice of our Agave Guides. The size of La Cata’s agave spirits selection and our staff’s knowledge make the possibilities for exploration and discovery nearly limitless.

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Guests are encouraged to schedule their visit to ensure the availability of our Agave Guides and get the most out of their tasting. Scheduled visits typically begin with a guided, curated “flight” of three or more spirits which you may choose to follow with a la carte drinks from our expansive bar. Mexican craft cocktails, local beers and local snacks are also available.

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No matter where you are on your tequila journey – a newcomer to the tequila world, someone who regularly enjoys sipping spirits, or an aficionado with years of knowledge – La Cata has the experience for you. As the first independent tequila tasting room in the Valley region of Jalisco, we offer an expansive, curated selection of Mexican spirits with a staff dedicated to educating our guests, and an atmosphere to make everyone feel at home. Let our love of tequila help you discover yours.

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We enjoy our tequila by the sip, by the glass, straight from the bottle, or from the barrel itself.



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