La Cata’s Next Specialty Product!

La Cata is committed to creating unprecedented experiences in our tasting room and with our Club Members. Collaborating with the best distillers in Mexico is one of the cornerstones of our approach. We will be visiting different distilleries in October to develop our next unique product and we’d like to hear from you – what are who are you most interested in when it comes to tequila? 


We’ll be visiting both the Tequila Valley and the Highlands region of Jalisco, Mexico and our plan is to bring our guests and club members something unique and new – something that you will be excited to share with your closest friends and family.  Our last collaboration with Casa San Matias brought you our Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrel Extra Añejo, the first-ever Rey Sol single barrel, and the first Rey Sol to be bottled at barrel proof (54.5% ABV). 

We’ll want to try something a bit different on our next endeavor – but before we begin our mission, we’d like to hear from you: Is there a distiller that inspires you?  Do you prefer blancos, reposados, añejos or extra-añejos?  Double- or triple- distilled agave spirits?  Tahona- or machine- milled? Low alcohol content or high ABV?  Specialty barrels?  

Let us know your thoughts by sending us an email or sharing your thoughts on our Facebook page, Instagram feed or on Twitter!  We hope to share our passion and journey with our guests and hope you enjoy learning more about agave spirits and exploring with us. 


Zach Ancell