Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrel Extra Añejo Review

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One of the first comprehensive ratings and reviews of the Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrel Extra Añejo has just been published online at

Who Said What?  

No other tequila tasting focused online app or website has become more internationally relevant than Tequila Matchmaker and Everyone at La Cata uses the Tequila Matchmaker app for one purpose or another.  Most serious tequila drinkers and agave enthusiasts are familiar with the site, the app and Grover and Scarlet – the founders and developers of Tequila Matchmaker.  

Here are a few sound bites from their review which you can read or watch on the site:

“Scarlet and I both rated it using the Tequila Matchmaker app. Keep in mind that when we are rating, we have a strict policy of not talking to each other until we’re both finished so that we don’t influence one another, so we were surprised when we both rated it a 91…  The aroma was so tantalizing that I just wanted to keep my nose in the glass, almost forgetting to sip because there’s so much to explore…. This is a tequila you definitely want to savor. Take your time, and don’t rush it.” –

We are excited that our first specialty product rated a 91 on Tequila Matchmaker – and we’d like to see how you rate it as well!

Taste It while you can...

La Cata has partnered with Casa San Matias to produce Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrel Extra Añejo, the first-ever Rey Sol single barrel, and the first Rey Sol to be bottled at barrel proof (54.5% ABV). This historic tequila is available for tasting and sale only at La Cata in Tequila, Jalisco. The general public now has the opportunity to purchase one or more of the bottles to come from this unique and one-of-a-kind bottling. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Or, if you plan to visit Tequila and would like to taste the Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrell, click here to make a RESERVATION


Zach Ancell