Suerte "La Cata" Still Strength Blanco Collection

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La Cata and Suerte Tequila are proud to announce our Limited Edition Blanco Collection that is comprised of two unique still-strength blancos carefully chosen for our Tasting Room guests. 

These two blancos were produced at the Símbolo distillery San Francisco, Atotonilco El Alto, in the Jalisco Highlands. Both blancos come from the same batch, distilled in August of 2017. Both are undiluted and bottled at 50% ABV (“still-strength”). After distillation, half the batch was cellulose-filtered in Suerte’s normal fashion, and half was left unfiltered. Both were rested in stainless steel tank for two months prior to bottling. 

This two-pack provides a rare opportunity to compare an excellent still-strength blanco in its filtered and unfiltered states. Do you think you’ll taste the difference?  We certainly do.

Suerte “La Cata” Still Strength Blanco Collection - 2 Pack - $100 USD


Hold On – I want to Learn More

NOM: 1530

Agave Source: Jalisco (Highlands)

Hydrolysis: Brick Oven

Extraction: Tahona / Screw Mill

Fermentation: Open, Stainless Steel

Distillation: Double, Stainless Steel Pot

ABV: 50%

Suerte is a newer brand that has very quickly established itself as a true “tequila drinker’s tequila.” Produced in small-batches, oven-roasted, tahona-crushed, but distilled in modern stainless steel pot stills, Suerte is truly unique within the industry.

Both the distillery and the brand were founded by tequila lovers without prior production experience. Master distiller and Atotonilco native Pedro Hernández Barba built the Símbolo distillery in 2005 after extensive consulting with some of the Highlands’ best tequileros. In 2012, he entered into partnership with Suerte, which is now the only brand produced at Simbolo.


How Can I Reserve and Purchase Bottles Today?

The two-packs can be purchased/reserved online and are exclusively available at the La Cata Tequila Tasting Room in Tequila, Jalisco. To reserve and purchase your bottles click here. Bottles can be picked up on your next visit to our La Cata.  

Both the filtered and unfiltered blancos will be available at La Cata for tastings in December – CLICK HERE to make a reservation.  


PLEASE NOTE: 1) Receipt of the specialty bottles must occur at the La Cata Tasting Room in Tequila, Jalisco; shipping bottles is not possible/included. 2) Limits on number of bottles and two and three-packs purchased may apply.










Zach Ancell