Tasting tequila in the Town of Tequila

We're excited and honored to be featured in this article written by Nino Padova and published in Liquor.com! It's an excellent story and answers a question we get all the time: why did we decide to build La Cata in the town of Tequila?

Here's a taste from Nino's article:

But besides its fat bottle collection and indie spirit, how does a gringo-owned bar in the heart of rural Mexico plan to lure locals? “Carefully,” says Klus. “The last thing we want to do is march into a 500-year-old town and pretend we know everything. Like with any new bar, I think you win people over by offering them something interesting and unique, and we’re trying to do that.”

- Liquor.com, May 23rd 2017

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE. To experience La Cata yourself, visit our reservation page

Paloma La Cata

Paloma La Cata

Zach Ancell