Attention La Cata Passengers: Your Flight Is Now Boarding!

La Cata is the first and only independent tequila tasting room in Tequila, Mexico, which means you’ll have an opportunity to try independently structured flights.  We’re also the only game in town where you can taste and compare highlands versus valley producers as well as other types of agave spirits. 

How does it work?  A visit to La Cata typically begins with a flight —a tasting structured around three or more agave spirits, designed to enable you to make comparisons based on production method, region, agave source, producer, or any number of other factors. 

A “horizontal” flights feature different spirits within the same class; for example, all joven or reposado – most often from different producers.

A “vertical” flight would be a selection of tequila made by the same distillery and included different classes of tequila.  Vertical flights are typically brand specific. 

At La Cata we really enjoy meeting our guests where they are in their agave journey and this often happens when we discuss “mixed” flights.  Mixed flights are a curated selection of spirits based on your tastes and desire of exploration. Such flights could include a comparison of tequila, mezcal, and sotol, for example.

But at La Cata, we like to take it a step further. 

  • What kind of mood are you in?
  • What kind of mood do you want to be in? 
  • Who are you?
  • Where are you on our agave journey? 
  • How's the weather today?

And from there, we will create the right selection from our 200+ bottles of agave spirits and so to find the right flight of spirits for your unique tastes and experience. 

So fasten your seat belt and check out La Cata’s menu of sample flights or if you are ready, you can make a reservation at La Cata today! Salud!

Zach Ancell