The Crazy Wheel

If the bar is full at La Cata and you want to taste – no problem, we have Rueda Loca at your service.

Rueda Loca - or “Crazy Wheel” (our affectionate nickname) - is a handcrafted spirits cart specially designed to enhance your agave tasting experience and elevate La Cata’s table service.  Our bar cart is as unique as the cocktails we serve up or the tasting combinations you can choose from. 

The idea behind our cart was hatched out of utility and necessity.  Many times, our clients book reservations  for a formal and in-depth tasting at our main bar.  When we prepare a group of flights it entails a wide selection of agave spirits, unique bottles, and a lot of glassware.  If a formal tasting is in progress and the main bar is full, we want to ensure all of our clients can have the same type of experience from our tables. 

OK, cue the Mad Men theme song: introducing Rueda Loca.

Before we go too far into the origin of Rueda Loca, let’s take a look at the history of service carts through space and time.  Many people don’t know that the bar or cocktail cart wasn’t originally designed to deliver spirits at all – carts were originally produced around the 18th century to serve tea in people’s homes.  It doesn’t seem that the evolution from tea cart to bar cart really happened until just after the repeal of prohibition and booze came back to legal status in the US.  The bar cart really came into its own in the 1950s after people shook off two decades of instability, World War II and really began to celebrate cocktails in earnest.  In the US, people were hosting and attending parties in the home and the bar cart was center stage.  Having a fully stocked bar cart that could be wheeled through parties became iconic – partly because these carts were also caught on the Silver Screen and showcased by Hollywood. The 1950s and 1960s put the bar cart officially on the Pop Culture map.  But for the most part, bar carts remained a fixture within the home.

At La Cata, Rueda Loca is designed for function and purpose and most importantly to give our guests the best agave tasting experience possible.  La Cata’s bar cart stands about 3 feet high and can deliver around 20 bottles to any of our tables.  If you’re not familiar with bar carts in general, this one looks a little like the traditional pushcarts used to sell ice cream and other snacks in Mexican villages.  When you’re perusing our spirits menu that contains over 200+ bottles to choose from, we made sure we could accommodate your requests.  Rueda Loca is one-of-a-kind and was specifically designed and produced locally in nearby Tlaquepaque.  We had a few specific design needs to accommodate nonstandard bottle shapes and we also included “the crazy wheel” (Mexican Spanish for the caster wheel) that helps steer the cart and negotiate our tile floor. 

When things are bumping and the bar La Cata is full, don’t worry – we can bring your flights and the full tasting experience to you. Come visit La Cata and experience Rueda Loca yourself!  Or better yet, make a reservation today. 


Zach Ancell