Where to Stay in Tequila – Los Abolengos

By La Cata Staff 

If you are looking for an authentic place to stay in Tequila that’s in close proximity to La Cata, Los Abolengos should be on your radar screen.  If a mix of comfort, tradition, amenities and value are what you are looking for, here’s why Los Abolengos delivers.



The history of Jalisco and the role that tequila has played is woven into the fabric of this hotel. The word Abolengo translates roughly to ancestry – and if you are looking for a comfortable and authentic place to stay that is rich in the family ancestry of Jalisco and tequila, this hotel is unique. The building itself is a restored “Casonas” (or big house) and pays tribute to its origins.

The rooms themselves were converted from traditional stables, saddle rooms and the grooming house of the original estate. The spa area was constructed from the granary and the business meeting rooms in what used to be the main dining hall and loft.  The on-site restaurant was once the common area and the terrace was once the original estate garden. We’ve stayed here and the hotel feels magical and historical at the same time.


Hotel Nuts & Bolts

 Los Abolengos is home to 20 rooms with Queen and King beds and is located in the heart of Tequila town.  We have stayed at this hotel and it is centrally located with easy walking distance access to surrounding restaurants and the town square. In addition to comfortable accommodations, Los Abolengos has the following amenities:

  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Massage Room
  • Business Rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace and gardens for events
  • Parking

Click HERE to see where the hotel is located in town. 


Rates & Bottom Line

With only 20 rooms available, we recommend you make a reservation with the hotel early on.  Depending on the season, availability, and exchange rate, range in price from $80-$130 USD.

Whenever anyone asks “So where should we stay in Tequila?” we’re usually very quick with a recommendation based on their needs. Los Abolengos is an excellent option and value if you would like to visit the only independent tequila tasting room in town!  

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions. 

Zach Ancell