The Town of Tequila Is Ready for Its Close-up | Food & Wine


The Team at La Cata is honored to be featured in this recent Food & Wine article written by Brad Japhe that highlights some of the amazing things to do in the town of Tequila!

In addition to a great overview of Tequila Town and a few of the sights, flavors and sounds you will find, it also highlights many of the recent economic and culinary developments.  Here’s a sound bite from Brad’s article.

Tasting rooms have sprung up independent of specific brands and producers. La Cata, for example, exists as a sort of tequila classroom with comprehensive, educational seminars. The uninitiated can learn the basics — the differences between, say, blanco, reposado and añejo categories; whereas the advanced sipper can suss out the subtleties separating lowland liquid from that of the highlands.

Food & Wine – January 16th 2018


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Zach Ancell