Hacienda de Los Alamos Single Barrel Extra Añejo

We are pleased to announce our third La Cata exclusive bottling – Hacienda de Los Álamos Extra Añejo. After putting out Highlands tequilas for our first two releases, we are bringing it down to the Valley for this one. And, we have worked closely with the Montes brothers - Eladio and Álvaro - of the Las Américas distillery (NOM 1480) to create something truly unique for our first Valley offering.

If you’re not familiar with the Montes and Las Américas, they came onto the radar for most tequila aficionados by producing “1-2-3” (and later, “El Luchador” and “Diablito”) for David Ravandi. Their own “Don Abraham” brand has become a huge hit in California and is consistently one of the best-selling tequilas at La Cata. Since meeting Álvaro in Amatián in early 2014, we’ve become big fans and Clayton has made frequent visits to the distillery and to the family’s organic agave fields. All of the Montes’ significant agave holdings are certified organic. The family is a truly inspirational Mexican/American success story of dreams and hard work.

This exclusive release is being bottled under the Montes’ own “Hacienda de Los Alamos” brand. It will be only the second time this brand has been used and like our other special bottlings is labelled as a La Cata exclusive.

This tequila is a single barrel extra-añejo that has been aged four years and ten months in a 200-liter ex-Bourbon barrel. It was previously used for reposado and añejo Las Américas products. The tequila has been briefly oxygenated and diluted from a barrel-strength of 63% to 50% alcohol by volume (ABV). After dilution and filtration, the barrel yielded 192 750ml bottles of Hacienda de Los Álamos Extra-Añejo.

We think this tequila is delicious and is a must-have for anyone who appreciates a complex, full-flavored aged tequila. Here are tasting notes from our own Clayton Szczech:

Visual: Deep copper color with gold and silver highlights. Great body, with tears that take an extremely long time to form and fall.

Aroma: Dried orange peel, gardenia, cooked agave, pencil shavings, forest floor, cinnamon.

Taste: Mild cooked agave, overripe peach, grilled pineapple, intense clove, and mild cajeta (goat-milk caramel) on the finish. Begins fruity and a bit funky, becomes fairly spicy, and finishes sweet and soft.

Mouthfeel and Finish: Fantastic silky mouthfeel - very little of the astringency that might be expected of a 50% ABV extra-añejo. Very long finish.

This exclusive tequila can be purchased/reserved online for $140 (US) and is only available at the La Cata Tequila Tasting Room in Tequila, Jalisco. To reserve and purchase your bottles CLICK HERE. Bottles can be picked up on your next visit to our La Cata (we do not ship to the United States or anywhere outside of Mexico).

Zach Ancell