April Flight of the Month and Interview with Suerte Tequila

At La Cata, we’re always excited to share our approach to tasting tequila and to explore new frontiers.  For the month of April, we’re proud to showcase our Limited Edition Suerte “La Cata” Still Strength Blanco Collection as our Blanco Flight of the Month. 

All three of these blancos are unique and will help you compare and contrast both filtration as well as alcohol content/ABV.  Here is the line up as well as links to where you can learn more about these unique tequilas!  

You can’t find this flight anywhere else in the world!

Blanco Flight - $300MX


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In addition to the specialty bottles and flights available at La Cata, we wanted to share with our guests and followers what makes Suerte and these bottles unique.  When we visited the Suerte distillery in October, we learned a lot about Suerte's production processes and philosophy.

Here is a conversation we had with after spending a few days with Laurence Spiewak, Lance Sokol and Pedro Hernandez Barba, distillers and owners of Suerte Tequila.  


La Cata (LC): can you tell us how Suerte came to be?


Laurence Spiewak (LS): In 2006 Lance & Laurence decided to pursue their dream of starting a Tequila brand. In 2012, after 6 years of research & discussion, Lance met Pedro Hernandez Barba in Los Altos de Jalisco. Pedro gave Lance an unmarked bottle of Blanco tequila and told him to take it home in case he knew anyone in the US interested in having their own Tequila brand.  After sharing a glass of that first bottle, Lance & Laurence agreed it was the best Blanco they had ever tasted. It quickly became clear that they had found a source for Tequila in Jalisco. They contacted Pedro and obtained more samples of Reposado & Anejo and began the early discussions with Pedro about partnering on a Tequila brand that would soon become Suerte.


LC: we talked a bit about how water is such an important ingredient to tequila.  Can you tell us about the water source in the Highlands? 


LS: The water source in Atotonilco El Alto is very special. There’s an aquifer under the surface of the earth in that area. At one time the water created hot springs. Over many years the water has cooled, but the minerality has remained the same. That high level of minerality is one of the key components to creating a complex and full-bodied tequila like Suerte.


LC: What else makes Suerte's approach to production unique? 


LS: There are 3 main pillars required to produce good quality or noble (as Pedro says) tequila. High quality agave, good quality water and the best possible process. 

We grow and/or source the highest quality agave. We look for plants that have high sugar content and ripeness best suited for tequila production. 

We have a well that pulls water from the aquifer under the surface of the earth at our distillery. Therefore, we have access to the best water source available.

Our process is truly authentic. We slow roast agave for 52 hours in a traditional brick horno (oven). We crush our agave using a traditional tahona 100% of the time. We slowly ferment in open air stainless steel tanks with a proprietary yeast for 72 hours and we double distill.

From there we rest our Blanco for 2 months in stainless steel, rest our Reposado in used, charred White American Oak Whiskey barrels for 7 months and age our Anejo in the same barrels for 24 months.

At our distillery we utilize gravity as much as possible to move Tequila around the facility. Our bottling line is fed 100% of the time using only gravity. 


LC: Thank you!  Salud!  

In addition to being available for a tasting flight at La Cata, the Still Strength Blanco Collection Two-Pack is available via our Online Store with bottle pick up at the Tasting Room.  These bottles provide a rare opportunity to compare an excellent still-strength blanco in its filtered and unfiltered states. To learn more about our collaboration with Suerte CLICK HERE or if you would like to make a reservation at La Cata CLICK HERE.


Zach Ancell