La Cata is the first independent tequila tasting room in Tequila, Mexico. Just off the main plaza, La Cata boasts an expansive, curated selection of Mexican spirits with a highly educated team dedicated to your agave education.

La Cata’s Agave Guides are industry professionals, well-versed in the study of tequila and agave spirits. They will facilitate your exploration of aroma, flavor, finish, and how terroir and production methods affect each. If you are new to tasting, you will be treated to an engaging agave spirits tasting lesson. Don’t be intimidated: It’s easy! La Cata is all about education, not attitude. More seasoned tasters can have a custom Tequila tasting flight created for them on the spot.

After your guided tasting flight, you can relax and delve further into our extensive Mexican spirits collection. Our spirits list features products from all over Mexico, many that are exclusive to La Cata. And, tequila is just the beginning: we have a constantly growing library of mezcal, sotol, raicilla, and other regional spirits for you to taste and enjoy.

Whether you are a newcomer to the tequila world, a regular spirits sipper, or an aficionado with years of knowledge—La Cata will provide you a unique and unforgettable tasting experience.

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