La Cata Membership

La Cata Membership


Become a La Cata Club Member Today!

Are you passionate about agave spirits and interested in curating unique and limited edition specialty products and other club benefits? If so, we are thrilled to welcome you to the La Cata family as a Club Member.

How does a Club Membership work? We select unique agave spirits from local distilleries and make these small batch productions available to you at least twice a year. La Cata will also include educational tasting cards along with each bottle of tequila you purchase. You pick up your bottles on your next visit to La Cata.  Learn, taste, and enjoy!

A La Cata Club Membership includes the following benefits:

  • Monthly newsletter informing you of what is happening at La Cata and in the town of Tequila as well as special announcement to inform you of special events or new products available.
  • Unique La Cata Membership Card.
  • Early notification and allocation of specialty products acquired by La Cata (to be picked up at La Cata during your next visit – please note some limitations may apply)
  • One standard branded accessory every year when your membership is auto renewed
  • 10% off all flights when you visit the Tasting Room in Tequila

A yearly membership is $100 (USD) and is available via a secure PayPal or Swipe transaction.

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