Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrel Extra Añejo

Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrel Extra Añejo


Only 91 Bottles Were Produced...

La Cata has partnered with Casa San Matias to produce Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrel Extra Añejo, the first-ever Rey Sol single barrel, and the first Rey Sol to be bottled at barrel proof (54.5% ABV). This historic tequila is available for tasting and sale only at La Cata in Tequila, Jalisco. The general public now has the opportunity to purchase one or more of the bottles to come from this unique and one-of-a-kind bottling.  

Tell Me More!

Barrel #12799 was chosen by La Cata in a blind tasting of several Rey Sol extra añejo barrels. This French oak barrel was brand new, with a medium toast when it arrived at Casa San Matias in approximately 2006. It was used once, to age Orgullo añejo for approximately 18 months, before it was filled with Rey Sol and aged for nine years. The barrel was located at the very top of a stack, resulting in a higher than average “angel’s share” (loss of tequila to the barrel) – so only 91 bottles of tequila remained. 

How was this Extra Añejo produced? 

Agave Source: Jalisco (Highlands)

Hydrolysis: Brick Oven

Extraction: Roller Mill

Fermentation: Open, Stainless Steel

Distillation: Double, Stainless Steel

Aging: 9 years, French oak (used once previously for Orgullo Añejo)


How Can I Reserve and Purchase Bottles Today?
The Rey Sol “La Cata” Single Barrel Extra Añejo is sold for US$296 each, exclusively at the La Cata Tequila Tasting Room in Tequila, Jalisco. To reserve and purchase your bottles click the links below. Bottles can be picked up on your next visit to our Tasting Room. 

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