We have been visiting Tequila, Mexico for ten years and La Cata is the realization of our dream of a professionally curated Tequila tasting room in the heart of Jalisco.

When agave enthusiasts pilgrimage to Tequila, they often expect to find a vast selection of tequila at their fingertips—rarities, lesser known brands, and those elusive “tequilas that don’t make it out of Mexico.” But upon arrival, they find a selection that is sometimes more limited than at their friendly neighborhood bar.

There has never been a place to seriously taste a wide range of tequilas in Tequila…until now. La Cata draws on local tradition and history, while taking inspiration from some of the finest drinking establishments in the world. It is a place both rustic and elegant, where the spirits take center stage, knowledge is eagerly shared, and attitudes are left at the door.

La Cata’s team is well-versed in all aspects of agave spirits and we educate our guests without attitude or pretension. We enjoy our tequila by the sip, by the glass, straight from the bottle, or from the barrel itself, and look forward to sharing our passion for Mexico’s traditional spirits with every one of our guests. We could not do any of this without support and help from our good friends on the ground in Jalisco and from our pals around the world.

Welcome to La Cata!