Clayton Szczech | Chief Agave Guide

Clayton Szczech | Chief Agave Guide


Having worked in Tequila tourism since 2008, Clayton Szczech is the only non-Mexican to have earned the Tequila Regulatory Council’s “Double T” certification for excellence in Tequila tourism. In fact, he’s one of the few people in the world to hold both the “Double T” and “Distintivo T” for general Tequila knowledge. Having done business in Tequila town for the past eight years, Clayton is fluent in Mexican culture and understands the local industry. He currently leads over 30 educational tours per year—and he brings his vast knowledge of tequila to the La Cata team.

“Our understanding of how tequila is made and where it comes from, along with our familiarity with the gamut of brands, will enable us to gauge the tastes and preferences of our guests, assembling curated flights for them to enjoy," he says.

He is responsible for ongoing staff education, spirit selection, and leading the tasting flights at La Cata.

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