Devlin McGill | Ops-Director at Large

Devlin McGill | Ops-Director at Large


Devlin McGill brings three decades of food and beverage industry management experience to the La Cata team. In 2004, he founded, built, and operated The Nabob Bar in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle. He later expanded the Washington-based franchise to include The Leary Traveler in Ballard and The Montlake Traveler in Montlake.

In addition to his entrepreneurial spirit, Devlin has a special place in his heart for tequila. He founded The Northwest Tequila Festival in 2011, which is one of the top three festivals in the U.S. showcasing agave spirits.

At La Cata, Devlin’s role is to oversee La Cata’s development and growth, all the while ensuring its patrons have a rich, memorable visit. “I’ve dedicated my career to executing high end spirits experiences for customers,” he says. “I have a real passion for bringing knowledge to consumers so they can make educated decisions about taste and build an appreciation for a spirit.”

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